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Via Paolo da Cannobio 11 - 20122 Milano
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LJ ROMA 1962


The enigma of seduction

Armando Pasini and Rome.
A love story that
gives life to LJ

A brand founded by the need to express itself freely through shapes and colors, capable of encapsulating icons and moments.

LJ Rome 1962 represents the exact moment in which influences and inspirations come together within a unique concept, which gives life to precious creations.

Craftmanship and savoir-faire are the method by which ideas take the form of metals and precious stones.

Magnos animos magnis honoribus fieri

“Great ambitions make spirits great”
Tito Livio Patavium, 59 a.C. – Patavium, 17 d.C.

Precious creations with a unique character

All jewels are guaranteed and certified.

LJ records every jewel sold by matching it to its buyer. Thanks to this method you can always track the history of each stone.

Quality is a process, not just a simple noun.

FlagShip Store,
LJ Condotti 33

A Boutique in the heart of the “luxury quarter”, ‘LJ Condotti 33 ‘ is in one of the most coveted streets in which to shop in the capital, a splendid setting off Piazza di Spagna.

A privilege, as Romans, to open the first Flagship Store right here…


We don’t like to follow the rules.

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