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Via Sacra






Via Sacra

From the valley of the Roman Forum to the Capitol Via Sacra celebrated the victorious generals in battle.

If the via appia is the most iconic of the consular streets, within the city “queen street” is the via sacra.

Tito Livio said “et facere et parti fortia romanum est” that translated means “it is in the core of a roman to perform as well as to suffer mighty things”.

And it’s precisely like a roman that LJ pays homage to its city with the Via Sacra Collection.



Through its travels from East to West, brought stories and legends of Empresses and came to us to tell us about its wealth.

Legend has it that silkworm breeding is the work of the Chinese Empress Xi Ling Shi.

In 3000 B.C. while she was walking in her garden on a spring afternoon, the young ruler noticed a strange caterpillar.

Touching it with her fingers, it climbed on her and with a very thin and shiny thread began to weave a ring around her finger.



The union between the sea and the Gods gave her life. A golden beach bloomed on her arrival. A cart of gems came down from heaven and made her a divinity.

Aphrodite, or Venus to the Romans, was the Goddess of beauty and love. She was so named from the Greek “Afros”, literally means foam as according to legend, she was born in Spring from the foam of the sea.

Legend has it that Venus, once emerged from the waves, was pushed ashore by Zephyrus, until she landed on the island of Cyprus.

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