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the invisible takes color in the night of the Vikings


Northern lights reflected on the shields of the Valkyries
trace the road that connects men to the gods.
The invisible takes color in the night of the Vikings.

In Norway, the Northern Lights belong to the ancient times of the Vikings. This ancient civilization said that these lights were the reflection of the sun on the shields of the Valkyries.

These warriors of the Norrena mythology, were virgins that the god Odin sent in battle to choose the men to take to Walhalla, the afterlife.

The Northern Lights was considered a connection between the earthly world and that of the gods, the only visible sign of entities that would otherwise be invisible.

The Aurora collection symbolizes the rarity and charm of this event, thanks to its colors and shapes reminiscent of the soft and agile lines of the lights that illuminate the northern nights.


Sinuous lines and colors reminiscent of northern nights. A blend of design and freedom.


Aurora is made of Gold, Diamonds and Sapphires of various colors.


Free. Like the northern lights that reach the sky in the precious nights.

Valkyrie in Norse mythology is a virgin in the service of the god Odin, who in battle decides who will die or survive.

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