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born in the mists of time


Through its travels from East to West,
brought stories and legends of Empresses
and came to us to tell us about its wealth.

Legend has it that silkworm breeding is the work of the Chinese Empress Xi Ling Shi.

In 3000 B.C. while she was walking in her garden on a spring afternoon, the young ruler noticed a strange caterpillar.

Touching it with her fingers, it climbed on her and with a very thin and shiny thread began to weave a ring around her finger.

From there, silk became a very sought after and coveted good, which Chinese Emperors
exchanged with Western merchants and priests.

This incomparable charm makes silk one of the finest fabrics still today, synonymous with wealth that Ellejei Roma represents with a collection that reflects the light and colors of the afternoon in which that silkworm weaved a ring on the Empress’ finger.


Glossy finishes mixed with satin, which, like silk, creates a contrast between the touch and the look.


Silk Collection is made of gold with Fancy Cushion, Pear and Oval cut Diamonds.


Silk. Light and colors reflect oriental sunsets that have been an inspiration for over 5000 years.

Forever a symbol of nobility and wealth, silk has long been a privilege that only ancient Chinese Emperors and priests could afford.

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