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the union between the sea and the Gods gave her life


The union between the sea and the Gods gave her life.
A golden beach bloomed on her arrival.
A cart of gems came down from heaven and made her a divinity.

Aphrodite, or Venus to the Romans, was the Goddess of beauty and love.

She was so named from the Greek “Afros”, literally means foam as according to legend, she was born in Spring from the foam of the sea.

Legend has it that Venus, once emerged from the waves, was pushed ashore by Zephyrus, until she landed on the island of Cyprus.

Once she took her first steps on the beach, she was immediately welcomed and dressed in a beautiful dress, gold hoops and gems for her ears, bracelets for her wrists and a shiny necklace for her neck.

And from heaven came a cart of gems pulled by two doves, a cart on which Venus climbed and it was thus that she was taken to live among the other Gods.

Ellejei Roma dedicates the Venere collection to the Goddess of beauty and love, which contains in its shapes and colors that moment that became the legend.

The colors of the sea, the surf and the flowers, gems fallen from the sky on a gold frame merge with the ripples of the sea that saw a Goddess born.


Clean and refined design, like the ripples of the sea from which the Goddess Venus came to life.


Venere Collection is made of lucent gold with Diamonds, Rubies or Sapphires, individually set by hand.


The design and colors are a combination of the birth of the Goddess from the waves of the sea and the gems and flowers that fell from the sky.

Venere had many lovers and many children. Among them Enea, who founded Rome. For this reason, in ancient times it was believed that the Roman people came from her.

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