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LJ ROMA 1962

Via Sacra

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From the valley of
the Roman Forum to the Capitol
Via Sacra celebrated the victorious
generals in battle.

If the via appia is the most iconic of the consular streets, within the city “queen street” is the via sacra.

Tito Livio said “et facere et parti fortia romanum est” that translated means “it is in the core of a roman to perform as well as to suffer mighty things”.

And it’s precisely like a roman that LJ pays homage to its city with the Via Sacra Collection.

Inspired by the shapes and colors of ancient Rome, the rings, earrings and bracelets of the via sacra collection give the excitement of wearing a fragment of the eternal city.


An elegant and clean design that reflects the ancient history of Rome revisited with a modern approach.


Via Sacra is made of Gold, studded with White and Black Diamonds or Rubies.


Via Sacra. Still today one of the most important historical symbols of ancient Rome.

The stone defies the passing of time in order to continually reflect the most glorious thriumphs of history. The jewel celebrates them forever.

LJ ROMA 1962

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