Zephyr was dazzled by it and Venus decided to punish it.
For many long years its perfection remained hidden on a distant island.
Until finally, a ship brought it back to us.

When Vulcan, God of fire, surprised his wife Venus frolicking with Mars, the episode sent him out of his mind, and he ordered Cupid, her son, to be punished severely

“Whip him, that rude man! And to scourge him, use branches of roses till the thorns tear his skin! “

This request obviously shocked the other Gods, such was the cruelty towards a child. It was then that Flora came up with an idea.

She orders Zephyr to fly to the Earth where the sun was rising and asked him to collect the branches of a plant with red flowers but with a thornless stem.

This allowed the Graces, Cupid’s “nannies”, to punish him without scourging him. Olympus was then entranced by the intense scent of these flowers.

Once the deception was discovered, however, a plan of revenge was ordered on the plant itself, exiling it to a distant island deprived of its splendid scent.

That plant remained there until the early 1700s until Giorgio Kamel, a Jesuit on a mission on the island of Luçon, found it and was enchanted by what the natives called Tsubakki.

He brought it with him to Europe and named it Camelia.


A clear inspiration to the reasons that make the Camelia Collection an absolute example of beauty.


Camelia is made of 18kt pink Gold and Diamonds in brilliant cut.


Camelia. An example of absolute beauty, thanks to its essential and clean shapes.

The island where the Camelia was exiled was actually Japan, where Kamel met this unique flower.